Friday, January 29, 2010

"Per tritam viam" has got a child!!!

Some great news to start this weekend: our classroom blog "per tritam viam" has got a child: "land of potters" (terra de oleiros, in Galician language, and the name of the place where we live). The goal of this blog is the same as its father's, but focused on the Bilingual Section activities. Therefore, we will write in English here, no matter if better or worst, but English; for the rest of languages we have "per tritam viam", which is, as you know, a space of linguistic harmony and tollerance.

So, here you have the first activity I prepared for you. I hope you enjoy it. I'm eager to receive your comments, posts, activities online... whatever, I'll be here waiting for you.




  1. Good luck in this adventure!

  2. Ana, I'm so grateful to you! You're always there, you're UBIQUITOUS!

  3. This new adventure is really interesting! good luck!