Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Greek and Latin Roots of english: Canary

According to the Oxford Dictionary the word canary means "A mainly African finch with a melodious song, typically having yellowish-green plumage".
According to the Etymology Dictionary the word canary comes from French canarie, from Spanish canario "canary bird," literally "of the Canary Islands," from Latin Insula Canaria
"Canary Island", largest of the Fortunate Isles, literally "island of dogs" (canis, genitive canarius; see canine).
In different languages: (Greek kyon, Old English hund, Old High German hunt, Old Irish cu, Welsh ci, Sanskrit svan, Russian sobaka,Italian cane and French chien)
Other words refered to canine are  canid( Latin canis "dog"  + -idae) and canaille (from cane "dog").
We can see the use of the word in this article.

Sergio Picallo 3ºESO


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