Tuesday, December 13, 2011

English words from the Classical Myths: Cereal.

According to the Oxford Dictionary , the word cereal means ''a grass producing edible grain that is grown as an agricultural crop''.
According to the Etymology Dictionary, the word cereal comes from the name of the Greek goddess of agriculture, Ceres.'' Ceres was the goddess of agriculture, grain crops, fertility and motherly

relationships. She was originally the central deity in Rome's so-called plebeian, then was paired with her daughter Proserpina in what Romans described as "the Greek rites of Ceres". The seven-day April festival of Cerealia, included the popular Ludi Ceriales (Ceres' games). She was also honoured in the May lustration of fields at the Ambarvalia festival, at harvest-time, and during Roman marriages and funeral rite'' in words of Wikipedia.
This word is used for the name Cerealine, a trademark. We can see how to use the word cereal in this article .


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